Quality & Commitments


MFD Precision Engineering is committed to providing products and services that meet or exceed all customer requirements and applicable standards and specifications. Each employee is committed to this goal.

The MFD Corporate Quality Policy is to continually improve machining performance by supplying –on time–goods, services and information of a quality standard that shall consistently meet or exceed the requirements of our customers. We will ensure a high level of customer satisfaction to maintain long term commitments, productive customer relationships, and to provide a positive work environment.

All MFD personnel are responsible for the attainment and maintenance of this quality standard.

The implementation of the MFD Corporate Quality Policy has resulted in the establishment of our quality and risk management procedures. MFD Precision Engineering isISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2004 certified by the British Standards Institution (bsi), the national standards body of the United Kingdom.

The Quality Plan includes:

  • Inspection and testing of incoming raw materials
  • Consistent setup and operation of processes to production standards
  • Testing of each product to ensure compliance to applicable standards, along with MFD Specifications and/or Customer Specifications
  • Inspection of all products Production Personnel
  • Inspection of all products by Quality Assurance Personnel
  • Final Inspection prior to shipment
  • Regular feedback on performance, issues, and improvement plans is gathered and acted upon to continuously improve our operations and customer experience

Our Dedication to Quality Improvement is demonstrated throughout our training of new employees and the continuous training of all employees. Each employee is responsible for the quality of the product and services that he or she shall produce or provide. Employee accountability, learning and development are significant part of our quality program.

Our Employee Involvement Program is designed to include all employees in the application of our quality program. This program provides a method for recognition of employees who demonstrate dedication to quality and to the cost-effective production of our products. This program also invites employees to actively participate in the implementation of their ideas.

Our Quality Improvement Program is designed for Continuous Improvement at all levels. We have developed "Task Force Teams" for improving specified areas and for monitoring specific processes and projects. We encourage effective two-way communication about the business through a variety of channels, including making management available at scheduled meetings to present information and to have questions asked of us.

Our quality plan is reviewed on a regular basis at our Quality Improvement Meetings and in greater detail at our yearly Management Review Meeting. All employees, from top management to the newest hire are represented at the Quality Improvement Meetings. All feedback from customers, employee and management representatives are discussed. The information that we receive from our customers is critical in the formation of our Quality Plan, to ensure that the needs of our customer are transmitted to all employees and acted upon in a timely and effective manner.

Our Commitment to Customers

  • Because the customer has a need, we have a job to do.
  • Because the customer has a choice, we must be the better choice.
  • Because the customer has sensibilities, we must be considerate.
  • Because the customer has an urgency, we must be quick.
  • Because the customer is unique, we must be flexible.
  • Because the customer has high expectations, we must excel.
  • Because of our customer, we exist.